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Eureka Shoes

Burnham Steele Rohe & Carter -- photo by Marika Hughes
Don't AskEureka Shoes
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Delicious three-part harmonies, other-worldly twin fiddling, and lyrics that will break your heart and put it back together again better.

Eureka Shoes is a new songwriting power trio of Charlie Burnham, Jean Rohe, and Skye Soto Steele, longtime friends and collaborators who have each achieved notoriety in their respective worlds of jazz, folk, and pop music, and now join forces to bring you an entirely new sound.

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A little more about us...

Charlie Burnham is one of Brooklyn's own musical treasures-- a fiddler, singer, and multi-instrumentalist renowned for the depth of his musicality and imagination, who over the course of five decades has collaborated with distinguished artists from Cassandra Wilson to Norah Jones to Wynton Marsalis to Living Color. Skye Soto Steele got his start playing fiddle in the subways after moving to N.Y.C. at 17, and has gone on to work with a rainbow of artists ranging from singer-songwriter Vanessa Carlton to jazz legend Anthony Braxton, in between self-releasing four albums of his own songs and touring independently across the US and Europe. Jean Rohe is perhaps best known as the author of our nation’s next National Anthem, Arise! Arise!, and for her 2019 Independent Music Award winning release, Sisterly (Best Adult Contemporary Album). She has been stirring up trouble around the country with her unique brand of folk-songwriting-activism since before she could come in the front door of the bar. The three had been friends and collaborators for over a decade when the offer of a recording retreat from Looking Glass Arts in the Catskills spurred them to combine forces as never before to become... Eureka Shoes. Rounded off by bass virtuoso Rashaan Carter, Mister Saturday has a sound that is one part string quartet, two parts jazz combo, and soulful all the way down.

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